Dr. Alexander has offered his psychological insight in presentations in Europe and throughout the United States. An internationally recognized pioneer in the use of movies in medical education, Dr. Alexander uses clips from popular movies to illustrate a variety of psychological and relationship challenges.

He is available to speak at churches, synagogues and civic organizations; see below for examples of venues where Dr. Alexander has spoken.

Any of these selections can be modified to fit the following formats: a one or two hour presentation; a half day workshop; a full day workshop; a weekend couple retreat.

  • The Medical Marriage – In this presentation, Dr. Alexander addresses the unique stressors faced by those in medical marriages. Such stressors include: burn-out, professional/personal life balance and the illusion of control. Dr. Alexander suggests several creative approaches to these challenges including awareness, present-focus and compassionate communication.
  • What Hollywood Can (and Cannot) Teach us About Relationships – This selection focuses on scenes from popular movies that reveal important insights about relationships as well as those that foster unrealistic visions of coupled life. Topics covered include co-dependency; the primacy of attachment needs; gender issues in marriage; developing greater empathy and more. Film clips come from such movies as: Pretty Woman,the Story of Us and Blue Valentine.
  • What Songs Can (and Cannot) Teach Us About Relationships – In this presentation, Dr. Alexander performs select popular songs as well as his own songs to reveal important insights about relationships. This entertaining talk covers such topics as: emotional authenticity in coupling; recognizing good and bad relationship cycles; keeping passion alive and more. Dr. Alexander uses songs from John Maier, Nilson, Jason Mraz, the Beatles and many of his own compositions to illustrate key aspects of what he has termed “the couple’s odyssey”.
  • Ten Steps Toward A Happier Marriage: Practical Tips for Couples ­– In this presentation, Dr. Alexander synthesizes his wealth of insights about couple dynamics gleaned from thirty years of clinical practice and study. He offers ten steps that couples can utilize to increase their connection and soften their conflicts. He is confident that even if couples only take home oneinsight from this talk, their relationship will be improved.
  • What To Do After You Say I Do: Practical Tips for Marital Bliss – This selection is targeted to pre-marital couples and newlyweds and includes essential information needed for couples to start out on their marital journey on the right foot.

The following presentations are ideally suited for an hour or two hour format.

  • How to Offer an Effective Apology – This selection focuses on the importance of compassionate apologies in repairing fights. Apologies are essential aspects of relationship repair but if they are not worded properly, they often fail.
  • Avoiding Relational Red Zones – Successful couples know how to self-regulate their emotional intensity and stop a fight before it gets nasty thus avoiding a lot of unnecessary emotional damage. This talk will teach essential skills needed for emotional self-regulation in marriage.
  • Mind Your Language – This presentation focuses on identification of words that couples use when fighting that invariably trigger an escalated and defensive response from the partner and how to choose less incendiary language.

If you are interested in having Dr. Alexander speak to your organization or group, please E-mail him at matthew@www.alexanderseminars.com  At that time, he can speak to you about pricing and how best to individualize these talks to meet your needs.

What audiences are saying about Dr. Matthew Alexander

“Dr. Alexander’s lecture was awesome”

YS, Davidson College Student


“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful speech… the topics you covered were perfect!”

JC, Financial Advisor


“Thank you for your presentation.  Comments from our participants included:  ‘Terrific’; ‘Wonderful’; ‘Great’; ‘Needs More Time’; ‘Should speak at all YMCA’s and Health Centers’ “

DG, Program Coordinator


“Very moving! Great job! I enjoyed your presentation immensely”

BG, Social Worker


“I was so impressed and moved by your talk… which was strong because of your use of your personal story”

CH, Pastoral Care Professor


“Dr. Alexander’s talks on stress and music and healing have brought the biggest audiences we have had.  Dr. Alexander is passionate about what he does and is able to engage and inform an audience using intellect and compassion.  Dr. Alexander treats every participant as an individual and they really come away with new tools to use in their specific lives”

LS, Program Coordinator


“Many thanks for the superb presentation at our noon conference…I was thoroughly educated and entertained.”

RB, Internal Medicine Residency Director


Speaking Venues

Universities and Schools

  • Wayne State University
  • Davidson College
  • Duke University
  • Eastern Carolina University
  • University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • University of North Carolina – Asheville

Hospitals/Health Organizations

  • American Psychology Association
  • National Congress of Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Uptown, Harris, Dowd and University YMCAs (Charlotte)
  • Geriatric Nursing Network
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Affiliated Coordinating Consortium
  • Oaks Nursing Home
  • Governor’s Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Kings Mountain Hospital
  • National Council on Family Relations
  • National Health Service Corps
  • Charlotte Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Teen Health Center
  • National Conference on Maternal-Child Health Care
  • Carolinas Spring Symposium
  • National Conference on Families and Health Care
  • Can-Care

Business/Professional Organizations

  • 26th Judicial Court
  • Corporate Health International
  • International Conference on Psychology and the Performing Arts
  • Senior Staff Meeting – Carolinas Hospital Authority
  • US Airways